The use of smartphones has come with the increasing use of apps to drive sales. In the chauffeured transport business, apps are taking over. This is because of the conveniences that come with them. For instance, with geolocation, both the chauffeur and the customer can easily locate each other, and this increases transparency, convenience, and ultimately customer satisfaction.

The use of apps also has additional advantages like security and accountability. For personal security, it is possible to trace the point at which the customer was picked up, the vehicle details, and the point at which the customer was dropped off, as well as other details, including stops. Also, billing is done automatically, and the customer can pay using their credit cards. This means that a hired chauffeur does not need to handle cash.

Details and capabilities such as these can only be enabled if an excellent app developer is engaged. The developer can ensure that the app is free of bugs, and is able to function as desired. However, a good developer also needs an excellent platform like aquro to help bring out an excellent product.

Using a combination of visuals and programming languages, the developer is able to come up with great apps for both android and iOS platforms, since they have both the back end and front end experience in app development. Also, it enables the developer to have complete control of the entire project, taking advantage of all of the tools available. It also enables increased flexibility. So it is definately is the platform for the future.

One major turn off in business, is when customers have to move from their usual way of connecting with the chauffeur or the limo company, to use of a nonfunctional app. Therefore, ensuring that the development is done in a error-proof platform by an excellent developer, is an advantage to a limo business.